Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brain Mush

One my largest inhibitors to blogging is the mush inside my head. I don't have writer's block, in fact, I have the opposite problem. A blog that couldn't include different topics and their woven patterns in my mind wouldn't be very indicative of me.

I managed to categorize the main things I think about and think about blogging about:

  • doing GOOD

  • A heart-warming instinct that is largely blocked out by selfish, survival thoughts. In cases of good, selfish voices are silenced in favor of the other half of human nature: giving.

  • the social in social media

  • What followed my formative years was the blending of and then disappearance of public and private life. What purposes do my actions serve and who do they subsequently influence through my networks?

  • the experience of women

  • It's staggering that so much of my experience as an American woman in the 21st century is unrelatable to my grandmother and mother, not to mention unpalatable to most other cultures across time. I wonder what kind of responsibility such freedom costs...

  • thoughts in the new world

  • Information overload! I'm interested in this conundrum I'm finding: the billions of pieces of information my brain processes daily- much more than in any other generation- does all this knowledge serve a purpose?

    These are the topics I'll (hopefully) be blogging about. Hopefully as I pen the swirling thoughts they will become clear conversation starters.

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